Bro Did I just Piss Myself?

“Having a spinal cord injury, or SCI can put you in all types of uncomfortable situations. Pissing on yourself is probably one the most uncomfortable.”

Now everyone’s SCI is different, but for the ones who cannot truly control their bladder, this type of thing can either make you or break you.


There are so many things that come along with having an SCI. Pissing on yourself has come to be something normal to me now. I know what you guys are thinking - that’s some nasty shit. But when you have no choice and cannot control your bladder, you have to adapt to things, like pissing yourself.

You can prevent things like this if you decide to wear depends (called “old man pampers”). But for someone like myself who has not reached the “old man” stage, I’d prefer to be as free as possible. That means occasionally pissing on my self due to unfortunate events. They even have leg bags that are connected to a condom catheter, but I seriously prefer not doing that. My fear is always that the tube will disconnect and the bag’ll spill all on me. I’ll take my chances the normal way.

According to doctors, you should self-cath between 4-6 hours. Well they must assume those with SCIs don’t drink much water. Well for a water connoisseur like myself, I have to cath at least every 2- 3 hours, and that can be a struggle at times because I get busy and forget.

You might be thinking, “It’s simple. He should just set an alarm to time him.” Man look - would you want an alarm going off every 2-3 hours? And when someone asks you’re like, “It’s just my pee alarm.” Yeah, I don’t think so

Now let me give you a few examples of how this unfortunate situation happens.


Making a sudden involuntary expulsion of air from the nose and mouth due to irritation of one's nostrils. Sound familiar?

When you have to sneeze a few things occur...

  1. You push out way more air than you could imagine

  2. Your core sucks in to let the air out

  3. Your body suddenly jumps in a fast motion

So for someone with a weak bladder system like myself,  all it takes is one sneeze and there goes my outfit.

Now here are ways I try to avoid a mess when that happens. And I always keep a towel close by... or lots of tissue.

Then I hold my breath as long as I can until it goes away.

Or you can do nothing and just say Fu$% it.

Staying hydrated while at the gym.

Now everyone knows you need to stay hydrated, but man water flows right through ya. If you don’t plan on transferring to machines or doing pull ups, dips, or something where you are engaging your core. Working out on a full bladder might not affect you at the gym.

If you are someone like myself who does all those things and then some, let’s just say, “you better drain the main vein” before it does it for you. The majority of the time when getting to the gym, I use the restroom before going in. There are occasions that I have told myself I should be alright and quickly I am disappointed.

Ways you might piss on yourself when working out with a full bladder

Working out

A few things at the gym can turn into something unexpected and uncomfortable. And fast.

Transferring to machines

So if you have a full bladder or semi- full bladder, hopping over to a workout machine can easily make you “leak.”.

You lift heavy bro?

Well if you do, you better hope your bladder isn’t full. All that fight to push/pull the weight will most likely release the weight in your bladder if you catch my “piss”... I meant drift.

Muscle ups, dips, pull ups oh my.

Yeah these can easily be a nightmare. You never know how much you have to  engage your core for these movements until you start to smell piss in the air. It’s that serious.

So what do you do??

Well you can keep working out because the embaraissing part has already happened, or you can go home and just be upset that not only did you not finish your workout, you have to take a shower and it’s not from sweat due to a killer workout. Instead, it’s wetness from when you peed your pants lol

Here’s my last example, but I'm sure by now you can understand. Shit’s just fucked up when it comes to a having a spinal cord injury.

Getting in and out the car


That’s what you gotta say on days you just got fresh to death and ready to go out with friends/family, hop in your car, and before you know it, those nice khaki pants have turned dark brown around the crotch area.

That can easily get your blood boiling. I mean there've been times I wanted to shed a tear. The sad part is you can’t do anything about it but go in the house and change clothes.

Now that I've made it clear why pissing on myself is just a natural thing to me, it’s safe to let you guys know that I am very much on top of my hygiene as I know these problems occur.

Here are a few helpful tips:

  • Take a washcloth everywhere you go.

  • Put a washcloth in your underwear while you are working out or even just out on a daily stroll. It will help absorb the wetness if an unfortunate event happens.

  • Always carry a fresh pair of clothes.

  • Pack soap or cleansing wipes.

  • Keep an empty water bottle handy.  “it can help you out when you really got to go.”

“Finally, if you piss on yourself, don’t get mad. Just realize shit happens and you have to be strong about the situation. Now go wash yo ass and start your day over.”


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