Love, Sex, Relationships -- SCI???

As a man, I can only give you my views on this subject but I’m pretty sure women go through similar struggles.                                                                         -WMH


I was paralyzed at twenty-four, so I’ve gotten a chance to experience dating as an able-bodied person. After my incident, everything seemed to go downhill. First, I wanted a companion for the right but wrong reasons. I needed to feel LOVE because it was hard for me to love myself. Being treated differently is normal now so my confidence for dating is at an all-time low. It’s hard to approach someone with the thought of them judging your physical well being before your heart. That’s normally how it goes. I ran out of fingers trying to count how many times I’ve been rejected. It has become so normal that I know what people will say.. “I’m not looking for someone at the moment”, is usually the main reply. That would be fine to believe if you don’t follow that person via social media. Most of the time a few weeks after my approach that same person would either be voicing they looking for someone or they would have someone. Talking about a way to make someone feel low. If they do reply normally the follow-up question is, “Can You Have Sex” and I’m like; “So yeah that’s that”. 

Well of course if you tell someone you're paralyzed from the waist down, automatically they wonder if your genitals are “para” as well lol. A lot of it depends on your injury level, but regardless there are ways you can please your mate. I’m T/11-T12 and I will tell you things are different. Yes, I can have sex and an erection. There are also other popular options such as prescription pills like Viagra or Cialis. Only bad part is these meds are so expensive that every time you purchase some you feel like you're paying for some type of escort service. Not only do you face rejection, you face the challenges of not being able to please your mate the organic way. 

Ever been “Mind Fucked” lol?? I think having true companionship is something like that. Having this type of bond gives the relationship so much more pleasure than just a sexual relationship. 


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