✨Obesity is truly a STRUGGLE PT 2✨

  Shit gets real…….


I was twenty-four when I was shot. Now I was fat, battling personal issues and “Fucking Paralyzed”. Come on! Can a guy get a break? The first year passed and I got fatter. The crazy this is when I was in the hospital, I lost weight. I think the doctor told me I was like 175lbs. Mentally, I was so FUCKED that I felt the need to get back to 230 so I could feel comfortable. The need to feel comfortable put me in a deeper “Depression”. I definitely didn’t fit in now. I was fat and in a wheelchair. What were the odds… My friends and family started disappearing and my mind was going crazy. I blamed everyone else for the defeat I felt. I wanted people to push me but I didn’t want to be pushed. Yeah, confusing right?

             It took my “Fat ASS” to go back to work all depressed and shit feeling defeated to obtain a damn Pressure Ulcer. “WTF” Shit just kept getting real and the wound started as a small scab and two years later it grew to the size of my fist. Imagine a hole that big directly where your tailbone is. Yeah, just the thought of it is frustrating. How The Fuck Do I Get Out Of This Shit…. Doctors always told me shit by the book. “The Shit didn’t work”. A nutritionist would make meal plans full of bland ass foods and drinks like Ensure, and Juven. I'm 26 or 27 and I have officially hit 50 mentally. Like damn, life can’t be this FUCKED UP. I felt alone and that I had so many issues. I swear, I wanted my life to end.

To Be Continued……….

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