✨Obesity is truly a STRUGGLE PT 3✨



 After years of coming to terms with what had happened, I was still trying to be a great Father. I was placed on bed rest for two years while raising my little girl who would often be in the next room watching and listening to everything that was going on with daddy.  I could not allow her to think that this is how you deal with life. I knew if I couldn’t do it for me I had to do it for her. I was about to turn 28 and finally had a reason to make a change. I didn’t need anyone to help me through it and that was the secret I struggled so many years to find. My struggle made me do my own research on how to get better. It wasn’t that the information given to me was wrong, it just didn’t work for me. So, I went to school learned about nutrition from the ground up. The things I learned allowed me to make a change in my life. Eight months passed and 80lbs gone! The only change I made was wanting to make a change. I had to get out of my comfort zone. Going to school to learn about nutrition-I never saw that coming. When you face adversity you can either adapt to it or let it defeat you. My life changed and I had more to live for someone else to live for. Losing the weight gave me the confidence to get involved with fitness.



Now I’m an award-winning adaptive athlete and motivational speaker, on a mission and won’t let anything stop me. Feeling defeated with nowhere to go eventually gave me the strength I needed to stay motivated. My whole life I struggled and things didn’t get better, they got worse. It was time I was reborn

Side Note

          Over time, it hit me that I was never happy with my life when I was “Overweight”.  The pressure of wanting to fit in and be accepted conquered my mindset. The community “City” I lived in was based on competition, so every day the need to impress people was always there. Growing up was hard and peer pressure led to bad decisions but I chose the direction of a “Bad Guy” so I wouldn’t look like the “Sad Guy”. Life never really got better and being shot made it worse. It was in that moment I realized there was more to life more than just me and that’s when the change process began. Not only did I want to be strong for my daughter, I wanted to help others in similar situations. My problems were someone else’s problem before me and will be someone’s else’s problem once I’m gone.  So while I’m here, I’d rather help others overcome the same feeling of defeat that plagued me for so long.

Reason: Everyone will not be as strong as I was

“ Being overweight is a form of depression and it’s serious. Most wrong choices are made because of self-hate/defeat. You don’t need anyone to change your life all you need is you. Be happy by making yourself happy. The struggle is already here you are already seeing it. Change your mindset and believe in yourself and you will conquer the self-defeat you feel.”


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