Why Read........

“Just take a look it’s in a book”


Let me start off by saying I am not an everyday reader but I do know the benefits of reading. In all the years of my life, I only read when I was told to. My best reading years were in elementary school. When I was a kid, there was contest you could enter which provided incentives but as an adult, you are just reading to be doing something...or so I thought. It wasn’t until after I became paralyzed and had lots of downtimes that I realized reading was very important to help you in day to day life.

“Reading gives us someplace to go mentally when we have to stay where we are physically”

When I began reading I focused more on fiction books. The reason was because they opened up my imagination and made me start thinking of limitless possibilities. Oh and my dreams. Well, lets just say I was a King, had dragons and best of all I was a vampire that walked in the daytime. Yeah crazy I know but that’s how creative my mind was working as I slept. Fiction books sometimes allowed me to reflect on my past even though it wasn’t real. Especially books by Ashley and Jaquavis - those took me back in time. I eventually graduated from fiction to more non-fiction books pertaining to advancing my life and building knowledge.

Fiction books literally helped me get used to dealing with books that were way more advanced in vocabulary and truth.  Here are a few examples;

  • Self Help

  • Business

  • Biographies

  • Fitness

  • Nutrition

I have learned to accomplish more things in life all because I’ve opened up a book. My fear of thinking I could not be successful has not only went away but now I consider myself fearless. Reading has made me a beast in life it gave me power when no one else could. The stories, the truth, the information was all there on how to be successful. How to eliminate fear, how to never give up, I mean I could go on and on of what I get out of reading.

I make a habit to read and when I can't physically read a book I listen. Audiobooks is a game changer. They can be played anytime and almost anywhere. That means in the car, shower, working out, on the beach, in a class, the possibilities are endless. There are officially no excuses why you can not apply knowledge to your mind. Unless you just don’t want to grow and you're ok being stuck mentally how you are. Before you think I am being negative, just know that you can't begin to think you know it all when knowledge is everywhere.

“All great leaders are Readers”

I believe the key to life's successes are hidden in books. If you don’t believe me just pick up a book and see. What do you learn from when you are in school? A BOOK . So why wouldn’t you think that there’s more knowledge hidden in books you have never opened? Before there was tv, social media, and electronics there were books. Most successful people read books. I said most but i'm pretty sure all of them do.  

Warren Buffett estimates he spends 80 percent of his day reading – CNBC Business News and Finance

That’s 80 percent of his day and this man has a net worth 17.4 billion as of 2017.

“My advice is we all should be more like Warren Buffet.  Reading has changed my life, reading can change your life too “...so take a look it’s in a book” 


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