Bobby Berk’s Heart and Mind for Design

Each of the Fab Five guys has their own vibe. And it’s true—Bobby Berk is just as warmhearted as he seems. You could feel it when he spoke. He truly listened too when I taught him what would make a comfortable home for someone in my position. Adding to Bobby’s design knowledge, I only gave a few more details, but that helped him create a masterpiece of an accessible home. More on that later.

Outside of the home, Bobby and I had an opportunity to connect while heading to the grocery store to meet with Antoni. The situation seemed awkward at first, but it turned into something fun. Like, I knew there were questions Bobby wanted to ask, but we had to at least get comfortable with one another first. Our ride together on the KC Streetcar gave us that chance. We began talking about the city, which I love so much. Bobby and I admired some of downtown KC’s gems. I shared my views on life, and Bobby did the same. That was a real connection. 

Bobby and I having conversation about independence and impact.

Bobby and I having conversation about independence and impact.

To be honest, I don’t believe Bobby and I talked much about home design at all. The time together was still unique. One thing that I thought was pretty cool was when we were on the streetcar, I encountered a young man who seemed to be disabled. I started chatting with him, telling him about Disabled But Not Really (DBNR) and the #HelpMeFitChallenge. It was fulfilling to reach out to the young man, and I appreciated that the discussion could make an impact on a larger scale.

Our ride on the streetcar led Bobby and me to the grocery store where we were meeting Antoni. Bobby spent time shopping with me and Antoni, and the three of us continued talking about anything and everything. I could tell both of them were surprised by the challenges I face in a typical grocery store. They realized that there are a lot of things that are legit out of reach. As we talked about that, I felt like that inspired Bobby even more.

Fast forward to the end of the week…arriving at our new home was something that still is shocking to me even today. My daughter, Navaeh, and I will be forever grateful for the transformation that Bobby and his design team made possible. Most homes aren’t accessible. For Bobby and the team to come in and show me and the world what’s possible—wow! That’s something that I’m truly thankful for.

I would have never imagined my home looking the way it does. Matter of fact, I’m just now becoming comfortable in the new space. I mean, everything is different. It’s so accessible and freeing! Oh, and trying to adapt to a smart home—well that’s been a real adjustment. But it’s pretty legit if I say so myself. And, yes, I’m still doing my own laundry now that it’s upstairs.

Bobby, you outdid yourself. You kept some sauce in the crib and really gave me a reason to stay home. The kitchen has always been my sanctuary, but my oh my, I can’t stay out of this one. Every day I want to cook. And I do with pure joy! You made life much more convenient for us. I appreciate the time and thought process it took for you to create something so amazing. Thank you for bringing peace to my soul and love to my home.

For more info on the design and products, check out Bobby’s Blog.

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